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Hawaii Electric Costs

In Hawaii, we all recognize our dependence on imported fossil fuels is unacceptable and we desire a different result. Setting aside the $4 billion a year we pay for this foreign oil, our economic security and quality of life is dependent on often hostile suppliers in often unstable parts of the world.

However, over the past 30 years, our state’s dependence on foreign oil has not declined; rather we have remained the most petroleum dependent state in the nation.

~Honolulu Star Advertiser



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When you decide to install PV, Hawaiian Electric’s Net Energy Metering program allows you to get credit for the excess electricity you generate to offset the cost of electricity purchased from the utility during a 12 month period.

We help you obtain your NEM agreement.

To learn more about the NEM requirements, visit nem.heco.com or call the Net Energy Metering hotline at 543-4760.  NEM application processes for Hawaii Electric Light Company and Maui Electric may differ.

For information on NEM for MECO, visit www.mauielectric.com and for Hawaii Electric Light Company, visit www.helcohi.com

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